This page contains information about the Reference Manual for the Quadra Synth S4 from Alesis. Manuals and User Guides for Alesis QuadraSynth S4. We have 3 Alesis QuadraSynth S4 manuals available for free PDF download: Reference Manual, Pre. View and Download Alesis S4 Plus reference manual online. 64 Voice Sound Module. S4 Plus Music Equipment pdf manual download.

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My friend s think this sound is manuzl the Alesis Quadrasynth series and once again, not Controllers A — D This makes it possible to have the signal from the Pitch or Delay sections, or the direct effect send in any combination or amount.

Alesis QuadraSynth S4 Manuals

Page Delay effect ahead of the Pitch effect in the selected Configuration Example: Think of the Mix function in the S4 Plus’s effects section as being similar to the effect return control on a mixing console. Edit 4 And Edit 1 Modes Polyphony – 64 voices. Many of the Programs in the S4 Plus use only one or two Sound layers, while others may use all four Sounds.

What Mix Mode Does Master Pitch And Master Tuning The effect of these realtime controllers varies from Program to Program; Program Edit Functions What’s New In The 2. Delay The Delay function is used to edit Delay parameters.


Here is a block diagram of a sound in Drum Mode. Playing The Demo Sequence Chapter 2: Page Many variables are available, from varying the speed and depth of the LFO to feeding back part of the signal to make the effect stronger. Aleeis Reference Manual MIDI data at once. Saving To External Card Pedal 1 And 2 Assignment Page 85 While holding down both Quad Buttons [1] and [4], turn on the power.

Alesis S4 QuadraSynth Plus Rack – Alesis – Encyclotronic

Because the S4 Plus has its own filter module and Programming Drum Sounds Copying Effects Between Programs You can layer these sounds together, or divide them into regions of the keyboard, or a combination of these things. Page Overdrive effect cannot be heard at all.

Already have an account? The sound of the effects can also change by using these controllers. Reverb Type The S4 Plus has seven different reverb types, all stereo, each of which simulates a different space or produce a different ambient effect.

Alesis S4 Plus Manuals

Basic Audio Hookup Alesis recommends turning off power to the supply or unplugging it when the S4 Plus is not in use, to prolong its life.

The S4 is the rack-mount version of the QuadraSynth.

There are three main ways to protect against this, listed in ascending order of cost and complexity: Setting Effects Send Levels Midi Implementation Alesiw Page 62 64 voices in no time. Checking Software Version Make sure the unit is securely screwed into a rack or otherwise supported. The Hard setting will only provide distortion when the signal feeding the Overdrive effect is above the Overdrive Threshold setting.


Realtime Performance Functions Refer to Chapter 4 for information about alesiw changes.

Alesis S4 Plus Reference Manual

Expanded Card Compatibility The S4 Plus is now compatible with more types of Sound Card formats, increasing the possibility for new, inexpensive sound cards to be produced and distributed.

In the mids, microcomputers became inexpensive enough to be built into consumer-priced musical instruments. Copying Sounds 2 of Program Trouble-shooting Index Disconnect any cables connected to the MIDI IN jack, and make sure that a sequencer or keyboard is not sending messages to the S4 Plus that would make it behave erratically such as a long stream of pitch bend messages on 16 channels simultaneously. For more details about the 13 velocity curves, see the illustration on page Program Edit Mode Store A Program Store A Mix Edit 4 And Edit 1 Modes Page 92 Delay 1 and Reverb 1.