Este ebook presenta “Colección integral de Sófocles” con un sumario dinámico y detallado. Sófocles fue un autor trágico griego del siglo V antes de Cristo. Results 1 – 30 of Antigona by Sofocles and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Results 1 – 30 of Edipo Rey Antigona Medea by Eur?pides; Sofocles and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at.

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You look on kindred that have done and suffered antigina ARISTOTLE, Poetics a ; this means that Greek tragedy aims to show that human beings have limitations when it comes to taking control of their lives and that they always learn too late and only through suffering of tragic events — see e.

AntigoneCambridge, Cambridge University Press,47 n. The authors guarantee that the contribution is original, and take full responsibility for its content in case of impugnation by third parties.

On the one hand, Antigone is punished and the force of her belief in her religious conduct is not unshakable cf. Why must I still look to the gods, unhappy one? In fact, when Antigone momentarily admits the possibility of failure cf.

Edipo Rey, Eidpo En Colona Antigona

In the traditional form of tragedy, sofoces emphasis is placed, among other things, on the fact that tragic events occur contrary to human expectations cf. Death and Love, Had As we have seen, this mutual disavowal has a religious characterfor each one of the protagonists wants to deny the legitimacy of the relationship that the other has established to divinity to the extent that it is this relationship that is the basis of their opposing behaviours.

Now, one of the main factors causing the conflict over the burial of Polynices is that the positions of both protagonists are characterized by their boldness and insolence.

Based on what we have just seen, the conflict between Antigone and Creon takes place because the two misconceptions of the divine — and the two religious behaviours resulting from them — seek to annihilate each other.

Whom can I call on to protect me? The journal allows the use of the works here published for non-commercial uses, including the right to publish the works in open access databases. We have already pointed out that it is a religious conflict in other terms, a conflict between two forms of relationship between the human and the divine ; but now we can determine more accurately the contours of this religious conflict.


Buscando a las Musas Perdidas: Sófocles, su Biografía. Antígona, argumento y crítica.

However, in essence, both forms of disavowal are similar in that each one of them claims that the ssofocles to the divine it is grounded on is more truly religious. For by acting piously I have been convicted of impiety.

No approach to Sophocles is more important than through his religion. The lines now quoted, although spoken by Antigone, are enough to prove that the accusation of folly is mutual; in any case, in Creon accuses Antigone — and also Ismene, though in a weaker fashion — of being mad: He is aware that his decisions have led to divine punishment, to the death of his loved ones.

Do not wear the garment of one mood only, thinking that your opinion and no other must be right! Downloads Download data is not yet available. He is a full member of the Institute of Philosophical Studies Coimbra Universitywhere he has been carrying out a postdoctoral project in Ancient Philosophy.

In turn, Creon accuses Antigone of impiety towards Eteocles because she has buried Polynices cf. I would never be silent, may Zeus who sees all things for ever know itwhen I saw ruin coming upon the citizens instead of safetynor would I make a friend of the enemy of my country, knowing that this is the ship that preserves usand that this is the ship on which we sail and only while she prospers can we make our friends.

However, no answer is given in the Antigone to the question of what would have happened if Creon had authorized the burial of Polynices. Throughout the play, many references are made to the gods. The Origins of Western Thought8 However, there is an exception, which is enough for us to maintain that Antigone too learns something from her own misfortune; she asks In this sense, the religious conflict between Antigone and Creon is related instead to ; in fact, the conflict between them results from an excess and intransigence cf.

Nevertheless, she is not at all laughing at the fact of having done it. AntigoneLondon, Bloomsbury, This girl knew well how to be insolent then, transgressing the established laws; and after her action, this was a second insolenceto exult in this and to laugh at the thought of having done it.

The AntigoneLeiden, Sofofles. What justice of the gods have I transgressed? However, the fact that both recognize at least the possibility of being mistaken not only reinforces the idea that there is an error but also shows the dramatic impact of this idea: Ah, my son, young and newly dead, alas, alas, you died, you were cut off, through my follynot through your own! It is not shameful for a man, even if he is wise, often to learn things and not to resist excessively.


Whatever interpretation is sifocles to any single aspect of his work, his art or his personality, none will hold good unless it is fully aware of the fundamental fact that Sophocles had a antigonz of life which we call religious. Could it be that this would have raised the wrath of Zeus, for Creon would then not have asserted the legal and political authority that had been invested in him by the god?

Morte e vida na antígona, de Sófocles

Well, if this is approved among the godsI should forgive them for what I have suffered, since I have done wrong ; but if they are the wrongdoers, may they not suffer worse evils than those they are unjustly inflicting upon me! The resolution of the conflict is uneven, for Antigone is punished and commits suicide, while Creon remains alive and apparently continues to rule the city cf. The authors keep the copyright and convey to the journal the right of first sogocles, the work being licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

AntigoneCambridge, Cambridge University Press, As for you, if it is your pleasure, dishonour what the gods honour! The hopeless misery that assails Antigone makes her feel abandoned by men cf. On this particular issue, see e.

Woe for the errors of my mistaken mindobstinate and fraught with death! AntigoneconflictreligionSophoclestragedy. It is honourable for me to do this and die. In fact, neither of the protagonists emerges victorious from their religious conflict. In this sense, the conflict between Antigone and Creon amounts to a conflict between two forms of relationship to two different gods more precisely between a form of relationship to Zeus and a form of relationship sofoccles Hades.