The Christ Myth by Arthur Drews. Book Cover. Download; Bibrec Uniform Title, Die Christusmythe. English. Title, The Christ Myth. Language. This is Klaus Schilling’s summary in English of Arthur Drews’ article “Die A. Drews: Christusmythe zweiter Teil: Die Zeugnisse für die Geschichtlichkeit Jesu. Okt. In , the philosopher Arthur Drews unleashed a brief but furious debate when he published Die Christusmythe, in which he denied the.

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The faith in a vital Jesus begot the faith in a Jesus who had lived. Rational, natural thinking would only accept a man Jesus as an outstanding prophet and ethical teacher. The epistles are occasional papers that never have reason to speak expressly about Jesusas if everything about Jesus had already been communicated orally, and did not need to be repeated in the letters.

Major committees have been formed for communal examinations of the topics of historicity atthur non-historicity, including:. Hoffmann is well known for his witty, highly erudite and often acerbic style, and his penchant for complicated and extreme declarations.

Die Christusmythe

I agree with chrisyusmythe origin from some Gnostic gospel, the parables, and the Philonic Logos, but suppose intermediate steps, involving additional Syriac sources, as opposed to a simple-and-straight doe of Matthew’s gospel being the Judaization of Egyptians’. New Testament texts are second-century constructs. Hartmann published his work Philosophy of the Unconsciousin A christuemythe appendix was dedicated to the Petrus-legend, eventually available in English in as the book The Legend of Saint Peter: The mass of the existing passion plays, performed under the auspices of the local churches, prove how popular the dramatic representation of faith has been and that it has major influence on the popular understanding drewws religion.


Theologians of earlier 20th century were thoroughly upset when various authors came up with ahistoricity claims back then. Drews appeared in Berlin under the auspices of the League of Monists, whose position, as their name denotes, is akin to those who express their creed in the formula, “There is no God but God; for hear, O Israel, the Lord, thy God, is the one God.

Between Good and Evil It caused considerable controversy. Hoffmann has mentioned that Bart D. Nor only Jensen dived into early Semitic literature. For example Judah Iscariot may have played the role of the Jewish folk in such a mystery drama. Thus there is no hope for the denial of historicity to find a general public acceptance for a long time, as it would violate the interests of the supporting columns of the established society.

Read more Read less. The anonymous reviewer recites the current objections addressed to Drews’s Christ Myth book. He accepted Drews’s thesis that Jesus had never existed as anti-Christian propaganda. Paul spoke about sisters-in-law of Jesus, according to that Weinel.

A thorough description of this religious movement was presented diw Ulrich Nanko in his book on the movement.

The Christ Myth by Arthur Drews

Hartmann, is a resolute antagonist against Protestantism and the religion of Jesus. In conclusion, Hoffers urged scholars to renew an acquaintance with Drews’ books.

Write a customer review. Share your thoughts with other customers. Portrait photograph of Arthur Drews. Drews is pictured as a lone maverick facing the established club of academic scholars and theologians. The Gospels demonstrate various layers of generation. Years of study in the best universities do not guarantee prospects of a full career as an academic.


Few initiates came from the social elite, until the revival in the mid-4th century Emperor Julian. Mithraism, imported from Persia to Rome, spread rapidly erews the Roman Empire in the 1st century, and was considered a certain rival to early Christianity. Specialists didn’t welcome his interference and even resented him as an outsider.

The Christ Myth – Wikipedia

However, this acceptance of his ideas in Moscow and the Soviet Union did not save Drews, a believer, from Lenin’s attacks, for being a ” reactionaryopenly helping the exploiters to replace old and rotten prejudices with new, still more disgusting and base prejudices”.

In this sense, the Gospels are Gnostic writings.

Most of the responses world-wide by theologians were violently negative and critical. Archived September 13,at the Wayback Machine.

He did not try to deliver a “hit” or a knock-out impact, but to gradually undermine his opponents’ credibility. Aramaic language, due to the lack of fixed vowels, is rife with puns and ambiguities. The original Jerusalem mother community is of course mere fiction. Paul’s Jesus is a celestial one. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

The Christ Myth by Arthur Drews – Free Ebook

In his capacity as an Hartmannist, he preaches a religion of pure spirit. Germany has been struggling with the legacy of the Nazi era and is still in the process of rehabilitating its exceptional scholars. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle?