I’m a fan of the ATEC. Not only because it was one of the first instruments specifically devised to look at measuring changes to autistic symptom. The Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist (ATEC) was designed nearly two decades ago to provide such a tool, but the norms on the. The Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist (ATEC) is a great tool for clinicians and parents to evaluate treatments based on autistic symptoms. ATEC scores.

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By introducing the Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist, the Autism Research Institute is paving the way for pertinent new research information that has heretofor been unavailable or difficult to evaluate. Assuming also autisj ATEC has some overlap with other more standardised measures used in autism research [2] I think the future continues to look rather rosy for this rather important instrument. Journal of mental health research in intellectual disabilities.

Furthermore, to attain a larger number of trial participants, clinical trials must accept participants across a large geographical region. Thus, some of the participants may ztec been lacking ASD diagnosis altogether.

Small numbers of participants can easily skew the data as ASD is known to be a highly heterogeneous disorder. A common hurdle in these efforts is the availability of trained technicians needed to conduct rigorous and consistent assessment of children at multiple time points [ 12 ]. I’m a fan of the ATEC. Autismm were other methodological ‘issues’ too that need to be kept in mind. A structured interview form is included for gathering diagnostically important information from the child’s parents.

Participants must have filled out at least three questionnaires and autixm interval between the first and the last evaluation was one year or longer. He served as chief technical advisor on the film Rain Man and earned many awards for his work during his lifetime. At the end of the year or whatever period you choosethe Autism Research Institute would be happy to provide your research or practitioner group with the data on all of the cases that were entered using the code name your ahec selected, whether the ATEC data were entered by the parent at home or by personnel at your office.

Stereotyped Behaviors Communication Social Interaction Using objective, atev ratings, the entire scale can be completed and scored in 5 to 10 minutes.


First, the ATEC questionnaire is virtually unknown outside the autism community.

Attec separate booklet, Instructional Objectives for Children Who Have Autismis included in the test kit to assist in the formulation of instructional goals and objectives based on GARS-2 results. Measuring developmental progress of children with autism spectrum disorder autisj school entry using parent report. As noted previously, certain phenomena observed in ATEC score changes may be an artifact of different caregiver interpretations of behaviors at different ages.

The end result is that parents, teachers and caregivers of autistic children, adolescents and adults will soon have much better, more complete and reliable information on what treatments actually work, and how well they work. In doing so, it lends support to the efficacy of caregiver-driven psychometric observation, which when applied at scale, may be a viable alternative to using licensed technicians to assess the children. Lacking such a scale, researchers have resorted to using scales such as: Participants were then sorted by their initial ATEC total score into bins in point increments.

About the Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist (ATEC)

The ABC has 57 questions divided into five categories: Find articles by Shreyas Mahapatra. If caregivers could autiem as psychometric technicians and conduct regular evaluations of their children, the cost of clinical trials will be substantially reduced while simultaneously allowing for longer trial duration.

Autlsm research on the ATEC identifies the various cutoffs and percentiles for subscale and total scores. Find articles by Samantha Martinez. In other words, the ATEC total score at the age of 12 may be predicted from the auhism score at the age of two years. At that time there were three published studies which had shown the ATEC to be sensitive to changes as a result of a treatment: All new norms were created and the normative sample is more clearly described.

When used in conjunction with other diagnostic instruments and methods, the ABC may have some usefulness as a symptom inventory to be completed by parents or teachers. Here we report the norms of the observational cohort who voluntarily completed ATEC evaluations over the period of four years from to In this example, the two closest defined values to the score of 48 at the age of 3 years are 55 and All of these tools are expensive instruments, designed to be administered by a trained examiner, and not readily available to caregivers.

A separate chapter is provided in the test manual providing multiple discreet target behaviors for each item on GARS One surprising finding was that children from developed English-speaking countries improved less than children from the rest of the world [ 16 ]. Please review our privacy policy. In general, a higher score indicates a greater degree of impairment from symptoms. Participants Participants were selected based on the following criteria: The Sociability subscale contains 20 items and participants can score from 0— A pilot randomised control trial of a parent training intervention for pre-school children with autism.


National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

Trial duration and numbers of participants both serve as key measures of the rigor of a clinical trial for any therapeutic intervention.

Information regarding the identity of each person will be kept confidential.

The Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist (ATEC): Autism Treatment Research Studies:

The score at the baseline is proportional to the Total score at the age of two. Open in a separate window. Although it is primarily designed to identify children with autism within a population of school-age children with severe disabilities, the ABC has been used with children as young as 3 years of age.

The ATEC subscale and summary scores will be displayed immediately after you autis each checklist. Guidelines for interpreting subscale scores and the Autism Index were changed.

As there are a great many treatment methods used to help autistic children, but very few tests, scales, or other outcome measures that can be used to evaluate the efficacy of these treatments, the Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist could be a very useful tool for those who specialize in a specific area, such as: Outcomes for children with autism and their parents after two years. Thus, a corresponding ATEC total score value at the age of 4 years was generated to link the score 48 at the age of 3 years atrc the inferred score of 37 at the age of 4.

Also, practitioners and researchers concerned with various interventions for autism are particularly invited to take advantage of the ATEC. The immediate on-line feedback of atef ATEC scoring system may also help these professionals fine-tune or improve certain treatment programs, and possibly to know – by way of the ATEC’s subtests – what aspects of their patient’s difficulties are being affected by the therapy.