Coriun Aharonian (Uruguay Section). Could we begin asking what and why? It is not necessary to go over the history of the ISCM since its creation, to state firmly. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Sep 1, , Eduardo Herrera and others published The Uruguayan composer Coriun Aharonian: Music, ideology. Coriún Aharonián (Q). Uruguayan composer. Coriun Aharonian. edit Coriún Aharonian. retrieved. 9 October place of birth · Montevideo.

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As we approach the 1-year anniversary of World New Music Daystake a stroll down memory lane by visiting our updated website – www. In any case, he refused, with an angry look on his face, all critics in the General Assembly of the ISCM, and left the place in a temper.

The train timetable caused problems in being on time for the attractive ‘Matines Electroniques’ in a good hall in the Folkwang Hochschule – in which coroun excellent, resourceful ‘overture’ was ‘Unknown Journey’ by Joshuha K. In ‘The Ruhr Gebiet ‘, only 3 out of 10 internationally symphonic works chosen were performed. Ayaccuho’the opening chamber music concert that expanded the meaning of solo and chamber music with works by H.

Another impressive point was that from each of the first 8 decades of our century 3 to 7 good works were performed 23 composers, 26 works34 works from the ‘s, and from the present decade no less than 85 works were done 8 from ! For people from the actual Third World it looks extremely ridiculous in a First World rich and powerful country, to expressly exclude or replace good aharonia places just for fun, or for aesthetic fancy, or for cheap snobbism.

One proof is that 23 concerts were performed in 11 different places in Essen, and 10 more concerts were done in the neighboring cities of Duisburg, Dortmund, Bochum, Herne, Oberhausen, in 8 different places, and attracted a lot of people. As not all the composers received detailed coverage in the program book, maybe there were even more Germans.


Using videos for the scores, headlines of movements, composers’ ideas and images during concerts might also be helpful.

Coriún Aharonián

Hosokawas’ aharoniann Flumina Babilonis’ and L. The fact that many of these places factory buildings, some of which compete with the beauty of churches and have very special acoustics were not traditional concert halls, probably helped to attract anew type of listener to go to these contemporary music concerts, thus fulfilling a major ISCM aim! C0 note 16,35 Hz — vibrating on liquid aharonnian.

Atypical German traditions were for us accidents like the fact that some concerts did not begin in time. Out of 16 chamber music works only 6 were performed.

Though only 4 of the German works internationally chosen were done, 4 were changed and 3 were thrown out, 7 wonderful, old German-Austrians from Mozart to A.

Coriun Aharonian – IMDb

This first stage of development seemed quite earnest and successful. Ideal examples of this were the 2 ‘Babylon Soundscapes’ very exemplary were T. In some concerts the order of the works was changed, and some were not performed.

Each composer chosen must have in it a concise biography on music and career developments, point of view, date and place of birth death and citizenship. Out of 5 electronic works, only 3 were done! If the traps for massification have as a purpose an educational goal, this was cancelled by the way compositions were visually presented in that book and the complementary printed matter is Webern’s opus 11 less important than his opus 31?

International Society for Contemporary Music. We can also expect to be reminded of the existence of representatives of more ancient generations, whose music changed a former style!

Henze, but missing important ones like K. December 18, at The poster of the festival was itself a gay manifesto.

WHAT ARE WE DOING? – Coriun Aharonian | ISCM

Music is itself, aharonkan separate shelf, a European concept. I personally would like to stress some very important moments: This could be courageous and positive, but not in the ambitus of the ISCM, an institution that has always tried to respect the right to gender of every composer but has never decided to become an international gay guild.


And the duality of ahqronian music as a parallel language to popular music, with their different codes, is also a European concept. They had many misunderstandings in their mind: Something must be cleared up once and for all: Instead of the other 7 symphonic works, 6 chamber music works by these composers were performed, and 1 composer was thrown out! This was quite a cooriun. Varese, Luigi Nono, etc.

Simaku was performed on tape instead of by young musicians from a school and institute Folkwang Hochschule that presented a serious and a promising, futuristic part in the festival!

But at least from an unconventional point of view, it was unbelievable how many unaccustomed concert styles and places, frequent occurences of long durations, rich lighting effects and ‘dramatic’ use of changing spaces and accoustics there were in many of the concerts.

After enjoying no less than 8 ISCM festivals, including number 67 – ‘The Ruhr Gebiet ‘, I expect at least 8 general ideals to be realised in the future festivals!

ccoriun Though I am sure that there are many more modern German soloists, ensembles and orchestras than the ca. If something must be sacrificed, it is the predominance of purposes or goals of massive response. In addition, the major part of the orchestra concerts were tricky, full of “old” and “very old” compositions included with the apparent intention to attract multitudes what for?

Still, works like ‘Diastasis’ W.

He could have done everything alone, or together with his friends. And because there is proof that young students naturally understand the music of their own cpriun the Cologne Hochschule was a good example in the ISCM festivalthey should be asked to perform music by their friends and teachers! Thu Thi Nguyen How can I ask for procedures to become a member?