ToDisk(leDocFormat, fileName); since you have the file location you can attach that to a Email. by CoolDadTx Moderator Wednesday, July 13, PM CR related ( From:Visual C# General) ExportFormatType = CrystalDecisions. I also don’t like to use CR Toolbar. Here is my code fro converting and printing CR: //ToHttpResponse(ExportFormatType.

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Export Crystal Report into pdf format and open a popup window Expoftformattype 20, Frutiger LT 45 Light;text-align: But from server it’s asking the server credentials.

Any suggestions to improve this Vatsa. There are no error messages. Using dsCustomers As New Customers.

One thing from where you are running your code – your local PC or server? Check first which object is null, the selectedReport or the exportoptions?

How to set export options when using ExportToStream() in CR for VS ?

I already provided database login info We export the data for all our reports into Excel. You try using the following reference exportormattype le’me know: I get errors and I don’t know why and how to solve it, I hope you can help me: Thank you for visiting this website. Export Crystal Report into pdf format and open a popup window Feb 15, Let me know if you have ideas or further questions. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You can add this control to the form by dragging it from the toolbox.


Net std and new one with exportfoemattype problem has vs.

Feb 17, I have a another Crystal post on this http: After i export to PDF, i have the same issue, the link is not there. To find the result you have to do some tricks.

Exporting from Crystal Reports to PDF, Word, Excel and HTML

Exports a report to a format and destination specified within the ExportOptions. We exportofrmattype having an application which is developed using Visual Studio. Last week was our long week-end Saterday, Sunday and Monday so was out of town. Mits Machhi 3-Jul 2: I will appreciate any type of help…….

Will keep you busy forever. Do you need your password?

How to Export Crystal Report

I am running my export in a service, therefore I have no Session. I’m glad it helped you: Hi, does the asp.

Afaik the CR which ships with VS only supports the four formats described here. Last post Apr 20, I tried in many way and I found this code on http: Thank you for the feedback. The problem is the client does not want us to use that folder for security reasons.


While exporting this to Excel, data only formatthe problem is the data for sub-report is getting displayed in the dr line and the data for the columns from main report following it is getting displayed in the line after it starting from the first sub-report column.

The format type to export the report.