Congratulations on purchasing a Cybook Opus, the electronic book This manual contains comprehensive information about your Cybook. Opus to help you. Most of the first Cybook users did notice that the Cybook Gen3 user’s guide was not in the Cybook as described in the Quick Start Guide. The Cybook Gen3 is a 6-inch ebook reader by Bookeen and is the European version of the Netronix EB, but with different firmware installed. Unlike the.

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The text is so small you ‘d need a microscope to read it, and my eyes are ok This means you can leave a screen showing information for several minutes with no power being used to maintain the image. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Cybook – Wikipedia

The Cybook forum on Mobileread is also a good place to hear from knowledgeable Cybook users: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This works very well for text-based information, such as e-books.

Even as it stands, if you want to try an e-book reader, then the Cybook Gen3 is definitely recommended. We like the Cybook Gen3’s built-in audio playback capability. Users abroad complain of a lack mamual support when trying to contact Bookeen. Amazon’s Majual, which is not yet available in the UKis also an E-ink device. Notify me of new comments via email. Thanks to irenedelse; however, this dumb Mac user cannot seem to figure out how to download the user guide to the mankal, although I have had no problem downloading several books.


Cybook user’s guide Mobipocket prc ebook manual. If you already have a Cybook Gen3, you don’t need the desktop Mobipocket Reader to read the user’s manual, or any Grn3 format ebook, for that matter.

Notebooks support them, as do handhelds and even small-screened mobile phones. This is an issue because MobiPocket does not have a reader for Linux or the Mac. You are commenting using your WordPress.

It has been said that e-book readers manula one of the great missed opportunities of the portable computing world. End of section 3. Maybe I’m doing something wrong here, but the manual does not explain anything about this matter.

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Cybook Gen3 Review

Unfortunately, the audio jack is a 2. I put the guide on the book reader and it gives me garbage. And you often have to press the button more than once to get the page to turn. Please some help for those of us who are trying to use the cybook with mac.

Depending on the font and font size selected, the number of pages in any one book will vary, making it difficult to estimate how many books can be read within this number of page refreshes. For those who have not yet a Cybook, download mankal file and double-click on it.

Cybook Gen3 Review – Bookeen’s 6″ eReader

At grams 6. Roughly the same size as a paperback novel in height and width, it hits an ergonomic sweet spot.

It is a slate-style device and, on the front, almost all screen. Download the eBook file here.


User’s guide for Cybook Gen3

Also, the buttons are hard to press and sometimes don’t register or jump forward too many pages. Typically, the menu allows you to perform actions such as viewing bookmarks, changing the font and font size, switching between landscape and portrait orientation, and returning to the main ‘library’ view, which displays all the content on the device.

I live there and wonder where can you find it. The User Guide said, that pdf files are working on Cybook, but I can’t imagine how. Between them, these controls provide everything you need for navigation.

If Mobipocket is installed on your computer, you geh3 read it.

Assuming it isn’t encrypted, the manual may be using MobiPocket’s proprietary compression scheme cybiok isn’t supported by FBReader because MobiPocket has never released details of how to decompress such files. Users note that the navigation controller requires a firm press, too firm, to turn pages.

As stated above, the Cybook Gen3 works with Mobipocket out of the box. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme review: Thanks to irenedelse; however, this dumb Mac user cannot seem to figure out how to download the user guide to the cybook, although I have had no problem downloading several books.

This adds considerably to the overall size of what needs to be carried, but offers some protection for the device — particularly its 6in.

Another quality feature, it offers dictionary support.