Types of weirs. (a) Masonry weirs with vertical drop. (b) Rock-fill weirs with sloping aprons. (c) Concrete weirs with sloping glacis. Masonry. Types of Weirs. (a) Masonry weirs with vertical drop. (b) Rock-fill weirs with sloping aprons. (c) Concrete weirs with sloping glacis. Lecture structure on pervious foundation- Khosla’s theory-. Design of concrete sloping glacis weir. ❑Weir or barrage is constructed across a perennial river to raise.

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A structure designed to secure lowering of the water surface in a canal and to dissipate safely the surplus energy so liberated, which otherwise deskgn the bed and banks of the canal Necessity: Velocity in a canal is a function of the slope of the canal.

Objective of Diversion Head Works. The cistern Roughness devices and the deflectors to deflect the high velocities.

The crest of the under-under sluice portion of the weir is kept at a lower level 1 1. Share buttons are a little bit lower. The length of cistern be 5Ef2 to 6Ef2 To produce reverse flow by providing suitable end wall to ensure an impact in the cistern.

Falls are combined with regulators, bridges, and escapes. When the silt deposition becomes appreciable the gates are opened and the deposited silt is loosened with an agitator mounting on a boat. In a sloping glacis a reverse curve at the lower end to turn the hypercritical jet to horizontal to a horizontal before it impinges against the sub critical flow of the lower channel, thus creating an hydraulic jump.

Down stream glafis 4. The crest shutters are also provided which hare dropped down during the flood.


Well type, Cylinder Falls glzcis Well Syphons. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. The water from the under-sluice pocket is made to enter the regulator bays, so as to pass the full supply discharge into the canal.

This movement is essential for their survival. Again some piers are constructed on the down stream side of the canal head to support the roadway. The platform below the baffle wall up to the deflector wall is known as the cistern. The discharge for one notch is computed and the number of notches designed by trial and error method considering full supply discharge and half supply discharge In case the hydraulic jump occurs on the glacis the energy dissipation will be incomplete and additional roughening devices such as friction blocks, end sill, deflectors etc.

The shutters are dropped down during flood. Normally, the gates are kept closed. Momentum Principles in Open-Channel.


The boulders are grouted properly with cement mortar. These falls are Simpler, economical and popular. The nature of the fish varies from type to type. Registration Forgot your password? Barrages are almost invariably constructed now-a-days on all important. Baffle falls or Inglis falls: Now-a-days, the weir is constructed with reinforced desigh concrete. When the weight of the weir i.

O muddy water flows towards the downstream through the scouring sluices. It is a barrier constructed across the river. It is a simple fall broad crested weir with high raised sill, The nappe impinges into the water cushion below There is no hydraulic jump and the energy dissipation is brought about by the turbulent diffusion, as the high velocity jet enters the deep pool of water down stream.


Design Of Hydraulic Structures ~ Civil Engineering Study Materials for GATE IES SSC JE PSUs

But then, this is dummy text. On the upstream side, the wall is extended. When there are piers Bt will be reduced as Bt – 0. Hydraulic radius Steady-Uniform Flow: The downstream sloping apron consists of core walls.

Invert level of the cistern Length of the basin Level of end sill And other components. To bring the velocity with in the permissible velocities, falls or drops are introduced at suitable locations. Site plan with contours glwcis the flow direction.


The gates are operated form slopingg top by suitable mechanical device. Down stream expansion 5. The intermediate spaces between sloing core walls are filled up with boulders maintaining a slope of 1 in Drop height Fluming ratio 1. The hydraulic jump occurs on the glacis causing sufficient hydraulic jump. The slope of the country, where the canal system has to run will naturally be steeper than the surface slope the canal system that has to come up. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service.

The jump is held stable on a horizontal platform by means of baffle wall.

Design — Trapezoidal Notch: Hence there is a limiting surface slope in the canal. The under sluices are the openings provided at the base of the weir or barrage.