“It is good to have this fascinating little chronicle, which gives a lively firsthand account of Florentine history in the lifetime of Dante and Giotto, in a readable and . Dino Campagni’s classic chronicle gives a detailed account of a crucial period in the history of Florence, beginning about and ending in the first decade of. 2. CHRONICLE OF DINO COMPAGNI from God, who rules and governs throughout all ages. i. I.e. the division of the Guelf party in Florence into the Whites and.

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But no knight might be elected Prior, and no Magnate Gonfalonier of Justice. Corso, and Bardellino de’ Bardi, and Florencd Spini, and other of their companions and followers, who made an armed attack on the company of the Cerchi. Rinaldo de’ Bostoli, one of the Aretine exiles, agreed with them. The Ghibellines, in like manner, loved them for their kindness and because they got favours from them, and were not wronged by them off the smaller traders and the populace loved them because the conspiracy against Giano had displeased them 7.

But in spite of the inefficient conduct of the siege of Arezzo see Villani, vii. The captains of the war i placed the picked cavalry 2 in front of the main body, and those armed with large shields bearing the red lily on a white ground 3 were drawn up to support them. And now we will return to the events of our own time. Fllorence your iniquitous desires and abominable purposes ; delay no longer ; go and lay waste the beauties of your city.

This beginning led to an floreence custom under subsequent Gonfaloniers, because when under the law they demolished houses, the popolani said that they were cowardly if they did not carry out the business very thoroughly 5.

It happened that certain members of a family called the Cerchi men of low rank, but substantial merchants and very rich, who dressed well and kept many servants and horses, and made a brave appearancehad bought the palace of the Counts 2which was close to the houses of the Pazzi and Donati, who were of more ancient lineage but not so rich.

The narrative is constantly personal. They might carry arms at all times, and other privileges were granted them ; and they were given six servants and six Serjeants.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ugolino Rossi of Parma. But when the Uberti, a very noble and powerful family, kinsmen of M. Baldo Aguglioni was one of the Priors who held office from 15th August till 15th October in the same floeence, and it was then that the ” erasure ” of the record against M. They were called Priors of the Guilds, and they lived shut up in the Torre tlorence Castagna 6close to the Badia, so that they might not fear the menaces of the nobles.

They were unsuccessful ; but they pro- cured some important relaxations of the Ordinances of Justice. The committee were about to hold a meeting to pro- ceed with their work, and the ‘ ‘ conspirator ” members were concerting beforehand the proposal they should make at the meeting, with;, the object of compassing the ruin of Giano.

Never- theless they 2 hired a captain, called M. The Magnates of Florence included the remains of the Ghibelline party there. They secretly contrived also that the Pope should act as mediator in their dis- cord ; and at their request he sent M. But when any one reproached them with it, the Cerchi did not deny it, thinking to be all the more feared on that account, and thereby overpower their enemies, saying: Giano della Bella had been Djno at Pistoja ; he ruled the citizens faithfully ; but he was folrence severe, for he burnt some of their houses outside the city where they harboured exiles in disobedi- ence [to his orders] 7.

Dino Compagni

Caroline rated it liked it Dec 13, The evidence as to public report had to be supported by the oath of the injured party if living, or, if dead, by that of his nearest relatives.

Much, however, had happened since then, and we must suppose that the consequences of Giano’s expulsion and the increas- ing animosity against the Donati had caused the Cerchi to cmpagni of their previous action. Simone de’ Bardi 5 were found, in which he wrote asking them to have a large quantity of bread made, so that the soldiers who were coming might have whereof to live. Corso Donati, a powerful knight, sent some foot-soldiers to attack M. The accursed lawyers began to cavil off these laws, which had been drafted by M.

The Lamberti were a prominent Florentine Ghibelline family, and would therefore naturally be in communication with the Ghibelline city of Arezzo. And together with many people they turned against them, accusing them of what was false ; for the Cerchi had no treaty with the aforesaid, nor did they possess their friendship.


And with the opposing party was another called M.

Dino Compagni’s chronicle of Florence | Sharon Strocchia –

The phrase rendered “mounted citizens” means literally ” citizens liable to the cavallata,” i. By the people are to be understood the wealthier traders, as above, c. But the glorious God took thought for them, comagni that without the knowledge of their chgonicle they swore to surrender 3 [to the Florentines]] on terms providing for their safety chroniclw which terms were not kept.

I spoke on this subject ; and we succeeded so well in persuading the citizens, that three of them were elected Heads of the Guilds to help the merchants and craftsmen in case of need pf. The Florentines, hearing this, sent to Pope Boniface, begging him to interpose and make peace between them.

Some said that M. It will be observed that the events of this latter part of the chapter are earlier in time than those of the former part.

The Piazza della Signoria was not in existence at this time. The Prince did not know the Tuscans nor their wiles. But the guileful words had more weight with him than the true ; for the saying, ” Have a care how thou goest,” seemed to him a greater sign of friendship than the offers of service. Donato Ristori was one of the draftsmen of the Ordinances I.

Dino Compagni’s Chronicle of Florence

Niccola Acciaioli was made. The citizens began to accuse one another 2and to condemn and to banish some, insomuch that Giano’s friends were terrified and remained in subjection. To be distinguished from Guido Cavalcanti, the poet.

In political affairs they occupied an intermediate position between the Magnates and popolani, sometimes being found on one side, sometimes on the other Salvemini, p. After the return of the citizens to Florence, the Commonwealth maintained itself for some years in power and prosperity. Tt is uncertain how this Guido came by the name of Scimia ape.

Compgani and his kindred left the country 4.