me = “My Document”; tFile = NULL; DocInfo. pDatatype = “RAW”; // Inform the spooler the document is. pDatatype = (LPTSTR)_T(“RAW”);. This casting boils down to DocInfo. NULL; ype = dataType; DWORD printJob = StartDocPrinter(hprinter, 1. pDocName = (LPTSTR)_T(“test”); tFile = NULL; DocInfo. pDatatype = (LPTSTR)_T(“RAW”); // Inform the spooler the document is.

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pdatatypw RAW print mode not working. In a simple test program, I’m trying to print in RAW mode to a printer using the following template. The data is plain text.

I’m printing to an attached old HP LJ4. Steve Alpert, Dec 13, Hi Steve, try setting “DocInfo.

HOWTO: Send Raw Data to a Printer by Using the Win32 API

It should contain exactly what you have send to the spooler with WritePrinter. Dieter, Dec 13, Thanks for your help. I nulled pDatatype and included a trailing FF.


I believe the problem was the missing formfeed. In the old StartDoc.

EndDoc strategy, you didn’t have to include the trailing FF. Is there anything I can get from the device characteristics that say I need one? I noticed the print driver was set to RAW. I don’t want to drive extra paper through the printer if I don’t have to. Steve Alpert, Dec 14, You will not see the appended character in the SPL-File, but if you redirect dcinfo printer output to a file add a port to “Local Port” with fixed filename e.

How To: Send Data Directly to an XPS Printer – Windows applications | Microsoft Docs

Perhaps newer version will have. I don’t know a device characteristic, which can help.

Dieter, Dec 14, Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question? You’ll need to choose a username for the site, which only take a couple of moments here. After that, you can post your docinfoo and our members will help you out.