This Regulation applies to the behaviour of the steering mechanism of motor vehicles of category M1, and vehicles of category N1, with the maximum. ECE UNIFORM PROVISIONS CONCERNING THE APPROVAL OF: VEHICLES WITH REGARD TO STEERING EQUIPMENT Incorporating: Supplement 1. Regulation No 79 of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UN/ECE) — Uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with.

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The steering wheel control effort shall be measured at the nominal radius of the steering control until the position of the steering control corresponds to turning radius given in the table below for the particular category of vehicle with intact steering. GRSP is expected to consider an informal proposal, addressing all issues, including a draft Addendum 1 to the M.

The energy level to be used for the tests referred to in paragraphs 5. See more related meetings. Interconnections Interconnections within “The System” shall be shown by a circuit diagram for the electric transmission links, by a piping diagram for pneumatic or hydraulic transmission equipment and by a simplified diagrammatic layout for mechanical linkages.

For tests carried out in accordance with this Annex the following vehicle conditions shall be met:. Special provisions for full-power steering equipment 5. At the furthest point in the spectrum, autonomous vehicles propose to assume full responsibility for vehicle behavior without any driver intervention.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

The above approval mark affixed to a vehicle shows that the vehicle type concerned has, with regard to steering equipment, been approved in the Netherlands E4 pursuant to Regulation No.

Model B See Paragraph 4. The manufacturer shall be prepared, if required, to show some evidence of the means by which they determined the realisation of the system logic, during the design and development ecce.

Priorities of signals on multiplexed data paths shall be stated wherever efe may be an issue affecting performance or safety as far as this Regulation is concerned. A fully searchable, accurate, user-friendly resource for consolidated regulations that are updated quickly and frequently. The approval authority may then either: No part of the trailer shall move more than 0.


Steered G79 The steered wheels shall not be solely the rear wheels. Where provision is made for several arrangements of the mass on the axles, the distribution of the maximum mass between the axles shall be such that the mass on each axle is proportional wce the maximum permissible mass for each axle.

Failure provisions and performance 5. It must be possible to leave a curve with a radius of 50m at a tangent without unusual vibration in the steering equipment at the following speed: The maximum permitted steering time and the maximum permitted steering control effort with a failure in the steering equipment are given in the table below for each category of vehicle. Supplement 1 to the 00 series of amendments Date of Entry into Force: In the event of a failure within the energy transmission, with the exception of those ecee listed in Paragraph 5.

If an energy source failure ecw, service braking performance on the first brake application shall achieve the values given in the table below.

A list of all input and sensed variables shall be provided and the working range of these defined. The regulatory text see the GAR pipeline has been adopted and is undergoing the six-month waiting period before its finalization in June Modification and extension of approval of the vehicle type The cee shall meet the requirements of Paragraph 6.

The transmission is divided into two independent functions: Warning Signals in Case of Failure 2. Control Systems The requirements of Annex 6 shall be applied to the safety aspects of electronic vehicle control systems that provide or form part of the control transmission of the steering function including advanced driver assistance steering systems. Where applicable, a yellow warning signal indicating an electrically detected defect within the steering equipment, which is not indicated by the red warning signal.

exe It shall be accompanied by the undermentioned documents in triplicate, and by the following particulars:. This document concerns UN Regulation No. ESS would amend UNECE Regulations 13 and H on heavy and light vehicle braking, respectively, to incorporate systems that automatically signal sudden rce braking of motor vehicles to following vehicles.


In the case of any other form of control it means the distance between its centre of rotation and the point at which the steering effort is applied. Supplement 3 to the 01 series of amendments — Date of entry into force: The identification defines the hardware and software version and, where the latter changes such as to alter the function of the Unit as far as this Regulation d79 concerned, this identification shall also be changed.

This requirement must be met from the point the tangent meets the circle to a point 40m along the tangent.

In the case where secondary performance requiring the use of stored energy is achieved by a separate control, it shall still be possible after eight full stroke actuations of the service brake control to achieve at the ninth application, the residual performance See table below.

This Regulation does not apply to: There shall not be any increase in the outer radius of the swept annular width. Skip to main content. Secondary and residual efficiency Category. e79

EUR-Lex – X(01) – EN – EUR-Lex

If the towing vehicle of a vehicle combination is driving straight ahead, the trailer and towing vehicle must remain aligned. These requirements do not apply to systems that incorporate an automatically commanded or corrective steering function, or to auxiliary steering equipment. During the test sthe vehicle shall be loaded to its technically permissible maximum mass and its technically permissible maximum load on the steered axle s.