Welcome to the Esperanto subreddit! Esperanto is a widely spoken universal language. It’s one of the easiest languages to learn!. Esperanto per rekta metodo. 90 likes. Bohato ilustrovaná učebnica pre začiatočníkov Text © Stano Marček, , Ilustraĵo © Linda Kuruc Marček, All about Esperanto by direct method = Esperanto per rekta metodo by Stano Marcxek. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers.

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Hi Does anyone know of any good Eo courses avaialable in MP3 – I am looking for things that are audio only as I have time to do this when travelling.

Esperanto per rekta metodo

I am familiar with Lernu’s stuff especially mi estas komencanto which is perfect but basic and the stuff at Librivox. Also excists spoken audio mp3 files of Stano Marcek’s – Esperanto per rekta metodo.


But in my opinion its not spoken that motivating way like Mi estas komencanto. Esperanto per rekta metodo is aimed for children.

As a adult I slightly dislike that small hidden traditional upbringing ideas inside Esperanto per rekta metodo. Dad is working and Mum solely brings up the kids.

I didn’t grow up this way.

Fou Montri la profilon oktobro It was an ok course for me. You could try it yourself and see how it goes. Not exactly modern, but Librivox has readings of public domain Esperanto texts, including textbooks, which might be good for you. Oh, I didn’t know that this assimil.

Stano Marček (Author of Esperanto per rekta metodo)

I did an advanced Google search accross their web page domain. But they don’t seem to have it listed anymore. Anyway, Fou, thanks for that hint.

Thanks a lot, 3rdblade.

You can find it here: I wish someone would do it again not wishing to seem ungrateful. It would be more easy to follow if the answers were each put with the corresponding question I think one reader tried to do this. Eo audio only courses?


Fou Montri la profilon Lando: