Sir John Glubb, better known as Glubb. Pasha, was born in , and served in. France in the First World War from to. In he left the regular. PDF | The recent accession by St Antony’s College Oxford of papers from British army officer John Bagot Glubb, commander of Transjordan’s Arab Legion. It is easy to dismiss Jordan as small, dull and insignificant: a minnow among the big beasts of the Middle East. But as Graham Jevon’s.

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Consciously or subconsciously Glubb used this glunb about the Bedouin in order to achieve his goals. The British government was preparing to evacuate the Middle East.

The son of a British army hlubb, Glubb attended the Royal Military Academy and then rose steadily in the British army. The Jordanians demolished 58 synagogues and their contents, uprooted the tombstones of Jewish cemeteries, and used them for paving or building latrines, and built a latrine against the Western Wall of the Temple Mount, the single most holy site for Jews.

Reporting back, he said that he could not vote for peace without being denounced as a traitor to the Arab cause. All in all Glubb was a loyal13 dedicated14 man, full of discipline and he loved the Bedouin.

Basic pre- conditions therefore were mentioned in previous chapters: He also distinguished between the taking of territory that is legally held by another nation such as the Japanese occupation of Chinese territory and the Nazi Germany occupation of France, Holland, Belgium and other European lands as opposed to the taking of territory illegally held.


What Alan found more surprising was that Glubb also had hardly anything new to say about the Palestine war “in which he had star billing,” instead lapsing into self-justifying propaganda. Log In Sign Up. Note we say relative safety. Email psaha New issue alert.

John Bagot Glubb

According to Avi Shlaim. On 25 November he was sent to the Blubb front-line as engineering soldier. In my opinion that is right.

World War II, conflict that involved virtually every part of the world during the years — Cambridge University Press, 3 Ibid. In the change, with a new Article 25, it formally approved delaying organized settlement by the Jews East of the Jordan River and informally gave TransJordan to Abdullah and his Hashemite Tribe from the Hejaz. Glubn John Bagot Glubb.

The perception the Bible is transporting to us is the one of the real intimate relationship of one person to another.

After that this paper will continue by building up with every chapter after picking up one of those Arab characteristics Kathryn Tidrick sees as especially attractive to Englishmen. That is historically the way sovereignty arises. Glubb reciprocated this respect to Islam, the faith of the Bedouin and the Bedouin themselves and they felt understood by Glubb, not so by T. His pedigree from the Glubb side was full of honorable middle-class 11 James D.

Another requirement of a separate nation-state is unified control.

Unfortunately, the Huwaitat, like many Arab tribespeople, had known only one government during the past plus years: Bush maintained a US view that the Jewish Settlements in the West Bank were legal but as a policy matter should be discouraged because of their tendency to discourage the Peace Process. Ibn Hadhal also not considering himself to be worthy of the title passed on to Ibn Jesham. If you prefer to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to edit mode requires login.


Thank You for Your Contribution! The Arab Legion later became the Jordanian Army.

As I have noted, the Mandate itself prohibited the trustee from ceding any land in Palestine to a foreign Power. The conclusion will lift the veil on the question pashw far Glubb, the proto-beduphile was really mesmerized by the Bedouin. Keep Exploring Britannica September 11 attacks. He managed to do that until the end ofalready not anymore being employed by the Brits but by the Iraqi government itself.

They were not challenged at the time by any member present, and there could be no doubt as to what the Cabinet then had in their minds. At that time, a new war raged in Europe. Some of them, as the Maasai58 or the Bedouin showed the same noble characteris- tics and thus had it easy pashw become object of admiration the same way. That is what his biographer James D.

It was not their idea that a Jewish State should be set up immediately by the Peace Treaty without reference to the wishes of the majority of the inhabitants.

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Burton, Palgrave, Blunt and Doughty, all were nobles out of a noble background. Bashar al-Assad, faced an unprecedented challenge to its….

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