Various issues of Gorkhapatra in January and February, Gorkhapatra, January 4, Rising Nepal, February 18, These programs. His dream came true when liberal Prime Minister Dev Sumsher Jung Bahadur Rana began the weekly publication of Gorkhapatra in , which is the first. 7 Results Latest in Gorkhapatra: Page: 1. – 7 Results found. 1 ยท Ophthalmic Assistant. Nepal Eye Hospital. Job Location: 24 days left – Newspaper Job.

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The Gorkhapatra daily, the first newspaper of Nepal and one of the oldest in South Asia, has completed years of uninterrupted publication since it was first published inwhen the country was under the control of the autocratic Rana regime.

The initiative to print the Gorkhapatra in those days was an enlightening and forward-looking attempt on the part of Rana Prime Minister Dev Shumshere. Dev Shumshere started publishing the Gorkhapatra as a weekly from the 62nd day of his assuming gorkha;atra powerful post of prime minister.

He took the initiative to print a newspaper at a time when even in neighbouring countries like China and India not much development had taken place in the field of the media. Before publishing the first issue of the Gorkhapatra from Pashupat Press, Dev Shumshere had issued a decree that forbade the publication of news eulogising the Ranas and instead encouraged the paper to publish news that were strange and odd.


Today while marking the th anniversary of the publication of the Gorkhapatra, we should salute Rana Prime Minister Dev Shumshere and others, who had their role in ensuring its publication.

We should also not hesitate to salute other gorkhapatga who contributed to publishing the newspaper uninterrupted for years. Obviously, it is a matter of pride for all the Nepalese that we have the Gorkhapatra, the first newspaper in South Asia. When the Gorkhapatra started its publication, the rest of South Asia was under British rule.

Gorkhapatra – Wikipedia

India and Pakistan emerged as independent countries only in after the British withdrew from South Asia. Sri Lanka was liberated in Bangladesh was created only in The uninterrupted manner and way with which the Gorkhapatra has come all along to this day, braving the many ups and downs on the way is a testimony of its ability to adapt to the changes and vicissitudes that have occurred in the political and social landscape of the country.

However, the long history alone cannot work in the present day competitive world unless timely reforms are made to match the changing situation. As such, it is imperative that the management of the Gorkhapatra Corporation take the necessary measures to bring timely reforms in the Gorkhapatra and its other publications, including this daily, which completed 50 years of its publication last year, so that they could sustain and serve the readers in the highly competitive media market for at least another one century.


Youth leader Shankar Pokharel happened to contest the elections to the provincial parliament of Province-5 last year.

His decision generated national NCP to finalise nitty-gritty of party unification in 10 days Kathmandu temperature plummets to 0 degree Academic institutions should promote nationality: PM Oli President Bhandari voices for including climate change issues in school curriculum Bangladesh gorkhapatraa coalition declared winner of disputed vote.

Interview No alternative to making federalism a success: CM Pokharel Youth leader Shankar Pokharel happened to contest the elections to the provincial parliament of Province-5 last year.