Wi-Fi dongle connectivity (sold separately by HUMAX) Quick start guide, User manual, Remote control unit with 2 batteries. Safety instructions. Warning .. If you forget your four digit PIN, Humax Hereby, HUMAX Co., Ltd, declares that this HDRS is in compliance with the . You can find available user manuals for Freesat boxes below. Simply click on the link manual ( MB) · Icon Download Humax HDR s manual ( MB).

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First and foremost, the range of viewing choices is extraordinary with Freesat channels as standard, and there are 5 free HD channels on offer too. With its true twin tuners, the HDRS Satellite Recorder allows you to record two channels whilst watching another — 2 channels are on the same multiplex, so you can be sure not to miss out on your favourite programmes while watching something in the moment. The built-in GB hard drive can store up to hours of HD programmes or hours of SD programmes, guaranteeing a satisfying TV viewing experience any time.

HDRS | HUMAX-United Kingdom

This top-class Digital Satellite Recorder features touch sensitive buttons and there is a very useful universal remote supplied from which you can initiate series, split, accurate, and one touch recording. The recorder can also be configured as a client or server device on your home network to facilitate streaming content from other DLNA devices. Other brilliant features on the HDRS Recorder include video on-demand, recommended content and easily-accessible internet content via the ethernet connection, keeping you totally up to date and in the loop.


Joinfreesat — 9 out of 10 Cnet — 4 out of 5 Trusted Reviews — 9 out of I had one of these for a few days before taking it back and getting the older Foxsat HDR. I am much happier.

The box is a uesr. I have in the last few days bought one of these, compared to the Manhatton box thier not even on the same planet. The remote is quick and easy and the box so far functions perfectly. Id have prefered a little more info on the direct sales site. Maybe then id not humaax invested in Freetime, however i cannot yet fault this box and have taken the upgrade on the 26th.

Humax HDR-1000S

Any news on a competitor to Humax for a freetime box? Still think its very anti-competitive of freesat to only allow 1 manufacturer for the freetime boxes.

Are the only problems with this box to do with the freetime. Still no online version of the user manual? Or knowledge whether it has multiple satellite incl. Or if there use a non-freesat mode, etc…? I wanted the new all singing all dancing S and its been rubbish. Anecdotal evidence seems to be if you have a 1000ss and cancel it, it disappears but something hangs round in the back ground stopping hymax programs recording. Especially, as you say, when it turns itself on to record.

Hi set it to record when I was out and left it on standby but when I came back home it had not recorded, the hand book trouble shooting says it must be left on, is this right or am I doing something wrong?


What do you think? Suspect this is due to latest update!

usfr I can download non-freesat channels with the menu but they only seem to be additional English channels from the same LNB… Does anyone know more? Ditto the 1TB model. It displays the channel that is on but not the time!!

We can not record anything now at all either. Has recent update caused this? Very unhappy to at the least!!!! Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content Channels Full list of channels on Freesat.

Is there a set date for 4od to come on board with freesat. Hi, my brother just got one of these, does anyone know if it yet supports single cable routing? Not this year, they have nicely sewn up this corner of the market.

Will this box do this?

Can anyone answer the above? There is a non freesat mode. Contacted Humax about the issues but got no response. Is this still classed as the best box around? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.