With his vivid, stylized prose, cyberpunk intensity, and seemingly limitless imagination, Jack Womack has been compared to both William Gibson and Kurt. With everyone thinking about “The Handmaid’s Tale” after the election, Ron Hogan believes “Random Acts of Senseless Violence” is also. A sort of prequel to his previous novels (Ambient, Elvissey, etc.), Womack’s latest may be his best, a dark and riveting look at where our disintegrating.

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The book is called Random Acts of Senseless Violence. Leave this field empty. Even though it’s along the lines of A Clockwork Orange, it’s definitely original and way better in my opinion. Notify me of new posts by email.

Her style, her slang oh my Lord, the long-forgotten “crapola”! Some how or another I picked the seenseless up not knowing that the entire work is the diary of a twelve-year-old girl. Maybe my parents should have given this to me every time I threatened to run away.

Second, I strongly believe that Womack did something special in this book involving the dialogue used by the girls. In fact the diary format feels like an homage to Anne Frank — the tone starts out very similar: Despite all of this, the book is incredibly readable and does manage to make you care about these people getting crushed, only to see their brief glimmers of hope slowly extinguished.

It is a vision of America becoming, overnight, a third world nation driven mad by its inability to accept that transformation, and by the mixture of some of those first world values surviving, and others of them not surviving.

Perhaps the problem is that when people see that it’s about a near future urban nightmare featuring gangs of feral children they think huh, I already read one like that. It didn’t make a point or add anything other than the fact she was just digging to her own groove. Ron Hogan helped create the literary internet by launching Beatrice.


She has a younger sister – the adorable, pudgy princess Cheryl affectionately called “Boob” by the familywho struts around wearing her My L’il Fetus toy a pack that you strap onto your stomach; womck the button and the baby kicks. So, know it’s a well written book.

Published September 1st by Grove Press first published The construction of this novel is utterly fascinating. They’re occupied by an unkempt military, srnseless dad’s boss is psycho and cruel, and rifts start developing between the girls. The first entries are in traditional conservative modern grammer.

Random Acts of Senseless Violence by Jack Womack

And all the bigwigs in squaresville forget about a little tome called Riddley Walker by a truly far out cat named Russell Hoban. Sensekess afraid that this is one of those books I’m going to be cornering unsuspecting people with at parties and saying “Have you read this f cking thing? Day by day she chronicles a steadily disintegrating society and the sensdless it has on her and her family as they s This book is bleak.

Not a lot, but some. One, I really liked Lola, Iz, and Jude, girls stuck in horrible situations, trying to survive.

Random Acts of Senseless Violence

How in the world did it slip off the radar? It’s a cautionary tale and a prophetic warning which I inhaled in a day; you cannot stop and start this book -it thrusts you into its revolution. His ability to fracture the present-day speak into something visceral, yet completely believable and understandable is one of things that blew me away about this book. OK, this novel, my second of Womack’s and a sort of prequel to Ambient and Elvissey, although none of the same characters, the near future setting of NYC is the same.

Ballsybut it actually came as a relief — as a general rule I find violence as perceived by children easier to handle than as perceived and described by adults looking at you, Room.

As it starts, there’s already trouble in paradise because no one is buying her father’s screenplays anymore and her mother, not being tenured, has been let go from her teaching position. Nov 08, Jarrod rated it it was amazing. Leave the vernacular alone. But then Booz’s father gets a job at a bookstore and her mother gets some work editing manuscripts, and Booz befriends Iz, Jude, and Weezie, and you realize that kids can get so much worse, especially when there are no adults in the mix who haven’t lost their everloving minds.


I found myself so thoroughly impressed by Jack Womack as a writer that I immediately vowed to wmack everything he has ever written.

A world where the army occupies New York City, and civilians riot and gangs kill with effective impunity. Random Acts of Senseless Violence was written as a prequel to the first of a novel series called Dryco, and I fully intend on reading all of the rest of them now. Also thought it showed the helplesness of middle class people in these circumstances without a social support systems as we enjoy in most European countries.

Random Acts of Senseless Violence – Wikipedia

Nov 17, Martine Liponoga rated it it was amazing. Thanks for the correction. Urban dialects must be exceedingly difficult to accurately convey in writing, this book representing a shining Exhibit A in support of that argument.

By the end, you get portions like: That obliteration could be a mere paycheck away, and it may be the one thing most fantastical about speculative fiction is how denialist is has been about this fact: The book is not truly frightening to me. The absence of many compelling visions of how it might not be like that; the broad failure to look at places like real-world Russia, or South Korea in the s, or Argentina Chile under Pinochet, and say, yeah, it could happen to us too.