This is the story of my progression from the JGRO cnc router design to using the OpenBuild system. In the process I think I have learned some. Steps for: Build a home made CNC machine (JGRO router). Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. JGro CNC router from Stock setup. There is an error in the Z axis assembly – the fixed section holding the tubes on which the slide moves is too.

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Don’t know how you’d do it with a wire, but this may be just one more reason you need to build the router. Used a pair of oillite flanged bearings in a loose fit hole, the flange is recessed and trapped by the pair of fender washers.


Spinning the rod with a drill no freeplay is felt, I can however distort the gantry with hand loading at various points. Rokter unread posts Contains no unread posts Hot thread with unread posts Hot thread with no unread posts Thread is closed You have posted in this thread.

What would you do?

JGRO router is functional – The Hell Ya Beller

I’m also interested in your progress since I will be constructing my first CNC machine in a couple of routee. Its entirely Johns fault that I’m building this table. By the way, John is a far better craftsman then I, so we can expect a higher grade of work from him.

The Hobbycnc kit came with 14 feet of 6 wire, 22 gauge, more is needed for this machine. Results 1 to 12 of Sheetcam demo looks good for generating gcode, and working with flat material.


This project is in progress and I will post the steps as I go along.

Build a home made CNC machine (JGRO router)

Tags for this Thread cnccuttingfarfoamcutterforumitsjohnmosnotsaidsawthenwent. Originally Posted by mcyr. X axis jgdo done, stepper installed, everything lined up, these skate bearings must flex with the gantry. Also, I will be predrilling the holes before any fastener gets attached.

I wanted to show the assembly before I buried it by putting the machine back together. Rrouter luck with you build. Not much to see yet. I’ve backed of the acceleration values alot.

Logic Trace on Screen. Changing X-axis envelope during The Logic Group has been in business for twenty five years beginning with products for the oil and gas industry. A good discussion about the role of CNC in guitar making was posted jtro at project guitar. Digitizing Tablet Accuracies range between. See the example below. Then, add a big carbon spar and bag it. The home brew acme preload seems to work well.

We’ll get these built someday. I’m thinking about building a cnc router myself for the purpose of routing elliptical planforms with transitioning Drela airfoils that would be impossible with wire cutting. CNC level of difficulty: It is free for use up to lines, with Follow us on All times are GMT The jvro is operational routet still needs alot of tuning.

JGRO router is functional

Dqa stepper driver stopped Fast, Easy and Accurate Digitizing Solutions. It should be easy to invert the code used to cut the airfoil. I’m trying to line up the motor mount square to the table, while keeping linear bearing contact, is more than a challange.


I did not put the preload nuts on the z axis, gouter wanted to get this running and time keeps adding up.

Diary of a FoamCutter building a jgro router table

I have purchased some MDF jvro that is all. I appreciate the heads up about the dimension changes. First off, a big thanks to jgro for the most excellent plans. I’m hoping that John will show us his progress as well.

What is everyone using? I probably could have persevered with the skateboard bearings carefully adjusting them, but I got some cheap linear bearings for the Y and Z axes so I just changed to those. I just started my JGRO build this week and was very happy to have found your site. If you look closely at the picture of the assembly you can see that each side piece has the two slot profile of the milled into it.

I visit CNCzone often and am currently weighing the “upgrades”. What’s your favorite JGRO upgrade? I will change to 10 feet of this wire on the x and y axis soon to allow the computer to be moved back some from the machine. Sometimes it will last up to a More Information on Digitizing Tablets. Master5 is easy to set up and tune the motors, it has some built in demo programs that I was running.

The time now is As you know, a great guy.