JVC AV-PE User Manual • Av-pe, Digital presenter, Instructions (r) • JVC Projectors. Download JVC AV-PE service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Digital Presenter with high-resolution XGA display: sharp, high contrast text and superbly clear still and video images. Also known as. AV P AVPE.

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JVC AV-PE | Digital Presenter with high-resolution XGA display.

Register Login Members Area. Upload a pic of this item. Manuals For Same Model Number. Other Items that are in the Same Category. This is a partial text extraction from the pdf, to download the pdf, click the Manual tab.

If you want to search this text, hold control and F, and type the word you are looking for. In a domestic envi – As the colours of the wires in the mains lead of this appara – ronment this product may cause radio jbc – tus may not correspond with the coloured markings identi – ference in which case the user may be re – fying the terminals in your plugproceed as follows.

The quired to take adequate measures. Before operating this unitplease read these instructions carefully to ensure the best possible performance. These instructions are for AV – PE. Built av-p690e in SD Card Slot SmoothHigh Resolution Images Zv-p960e storage of the camera imagethe output Exif for – XGA output with high frame rate of 20 fps enabling mat of camera av-l960e captured by digital still camera smooth high resolution image display.

SD card is sold separately 16x Optical Zoom lens 12xextensible arm 1. SmallLightweight and Slim Design Depth of less than 50 cm and lightweight at 5. E – 2 Page: Note States restrictions on the functions or use of this equipment. Unauthorized reproduction of this manual whether in full or in part is av-p960f. SD logo is a trademark.

Carrying this unit by its camera av-o960ecamera arm or its side illumination lamps might cause them to be deformed or dam – aged. Howeveryou must not use any materials protected by copyright law without the owner’s consent.

Do not attempt to carry out any of the following actions as it may cause the card to malfunction or damage.

It may be damaged by static charges produced. Thereafteruse a piece of dry cloth to wipe off the water drops. The equipment may malfunction and its casing may be damaged. Howeverdepending on the object and the camera settingit might be out of focus.

In this caseplease adjust the focus manually.

Use of power cord other than designatedor damaged power cord may result in fire and electrical shocks. E – 4 Page: Up to A3 landscape equivalent mm x mm can be captured. Adjust its angle when For receiving signals from the remote control unit. Release the lock when retracting or extending the camera arm and lock it at the Slot for inserting the SD card. Use this aav-p960e viewing slide films.


Close – up Lens Pull out this handle to carry the unit. Put the handle away Remove this lens when shooting surrounding objects. When this button is pressedthe camera image freezes and is displayed as a still imageand the indicator lamp [ IN ]: To shoot objects materials in an enlarged form.

When the button is pressed again while the indi – If this button is pressed jcthe image cator lamp is light qv-p960ethe indicator lamp will go offstill will stop enlarging at the optical zoom tele end image will be released jgc the moving image will be re – and thereafter digital zoom will be activated.

To shoot objects materials in a reduced form. To adjust the focus of the object material which cated at the rear zv-p960e. The indicator lamp of the input is far away from the camera.

JVC AV-P960E Manuals

Depending on [ ]: To adjust the focus of the object material which the types of monitor connectedit may take some times is close to the camera. To output the camera images. The indi – terminal located at the rear panel. External cator lamp will go off once the adjustment is com – input signals will not avp960e output through the pleted. To output images from the SD card inserted Depending on the object materialit may be dif – in the slot.

For adjusting the brightness of the camera image. The lighting source changes whenever the button is [ AUTO ]: The illuminations off illuminations illumination indicator lamp will go off once the adjustment is completed. To increase the brightness of the camera image. To reduce the brightness of the camera image. E – 6 Page: If this button is pressedthe indicator lamp While selecting images from the cameraif this button is ]: Decrease the red component of the entire [ RED pressed and holdthe indicator lamp will blink and the im – screen.

Decrease the blue component of the entire [ BLUE screen. To view the previous image. To view the next image. Negative will be selected when the button is pressed. To delete selected images stored in the SD card.


Press the button againpositive will be selected. Press the button for more than 2 secondslected.

JVC AV-P960E Projector User Manual

To make the character clearer and sharper. To select the camera image. Text mode will be activated when the button is pressed. The present user settings will be regis – When this button is pressedthe screen will switch to im – tered. The registered settings will be activated. Caution Do not open the cover at the bottom of the arm and put your finger or insert object into it. This may cause malfunction or injury. For connecting to external devices such as computer. PUT ] terminal is not possible.


Use when mounting the LCD Monitor sold separately to this unit. E – 8 Page: Lift up the right illumination English 2. Lift up the left illumination Left Illumination 3. Lift up the camera head camera arm Hold the camera arm and hold down the unit firmly while slowly lifting the camera head until it reaches its maximum position and stops. Releasing the arm lock Pull the lever of the arm lock in the direction of the arrow as shown in the figure to release the lock. Camera Arm Arm Lock 3. Extending the camera arm Hold down the lower portion of the camera arm or the unit firmly while holding the upper portion of the camera arm and slowly extend the camera arm until it reaches its maximum position and stops.

Securing the camera arm Return the lever of the arm lock in the direction of the arrow to lock the arm. Turn the camera head towards the 6. Arm stage Lock Camera Arm Carry out the reverse steps to fold up. If the steps are carried out wronglythe camera head and arm may be damaged. It might get caught resulting in injury.

The interior of the camera arm may be damaged if excessive force is applied. Make jjvc that the camera head camera arm has been lifted ac-p960e as 3. The camera head and the interior of camera arm may be damaged if excessive force is applied.

Page 5 of JVC Projector AV-PE User Guide |

Make sure to hold the camera arm when 3. LCD Monitor Computer 2. Terminal Power Switch Projector 1. If necessaryconnect the USB connec – tor to a computer. Connect to the AC power source with the power cord supplied. Turn on the power. E – 10 Page: Camera Head English 1. Adjusting the arm and camera head Adjust the arm and camera head in accordance with the size of 1. Adjusting lighting button Adjust such that the object is evenly lighted.

Adjusting focus To adjust the focus when it is out. E – 11 Page: In additionby adjusting the angle of the armthe 3 – D object can be captured at various angles.