Brave New World Revisited () by Aldous Huxley Konec civilizace: aneb PÅ™ekrásný nový svÄ›t, v prvnÃ-m pÅ™ekladu Konec civilisace, v originá . Title, Konec civilizace aneb Překrásný nový svět. Author, Aldous Huxley. Translated by, Stanislav Berounský, Josef Kostohryz. Publisher, Orfeus, Konec civilizace. Front Cover. Aldous Huxley. Maťa, – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Konec civilizace.

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I enjoy your posts immensely. Five antique Quebec law books Set of 4 fromand one from Please d the UPS store owner and tell himabout the poor performance of that employee.

Have a wonderful festive season. The item would have moved a lot inside the box, and I felt had poor protection at the bottom. Thank you for taking the time to do all of it — the finding, the research, civliizace photos, the blog explanations, the selling, the shipping, etc.

Email Twitter Reddit Facebook. Later on, I opened up a promising-looking recycling bin and saw a stack of old records.

Antic Hay Aldous Huxley

WOW…kind of you to let us all know about this. If you were wondering, https: I thought the cover of this the year I was born! I just LOVE reading about what you find and then how you sell it. I went to a going away party on Thursday night, causing me to miss a planned Friday morning run.


Vintage Vuarnet Skilynx Sunglasses Olympics: I came across this oil heater not far from upper Westmount. I should do that, thanks for the imput.

Konec Civilizace – Things I find in the garbage

What unexpected windows into different languages and cultures! The phone book is at a high price, but sometimes I do that with this things I most appreciate. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! I went to Canada Post, which was conveniently right next door, and I opened the boxes to see kobec they were packed.

The strings are for handling the puppet, used for the traditional puppet theater, native to Rajasthan which by the way is a state in India. I thought this Aldous Huxley book was particularly cool.

Konec civilizace

She put a couple of pages of bubble wrap loosely around it, and then filled the box around half-way with package peanuts inside. Later on, I drove by this recycling bin and did a double-take.

There was definitely a bit of a mad rush to my eBay and Etsy stores last week. Thank you for all of your scavenging and blogging. Skip to content I was busy for a lot of last week preparing, packing, and shipping things I had sold.


The oldest was a book by Jana Nerudy, published in I felt a bit suspicious of the person civilizave there from the start. I bet many folks do not realize. To my knowledge, records are not recyclable. All this took away from my regular hunting schedule, but I still made it out for a few runs.

I try not to buy boxes — I usually take them from the fivilizace — but this time I caved and spent the few extra bucks. Some of the titles are very interesting. Thanks for the holiday wishes! I had that John Denver album as a teen. To top it all off, guess what it cost to ship the items by Canada Post?