Kathleen McGowan (born March 22, ) is an American author. Her novel The Expected One The third novel of the series is The Poet Prince, published in , focusing on the life of Lorenzo de Medici. Each novel of the series features . La Esperada by Kathleen McGowan, , available at Book Depository Maureen viaja hasta Occitania, la tierra donde sigue vivo el legado de los. La Esperada (Spanish Edition) () by Kathleen McGowan and a great Ahora, el evangelio que ella escribió amenaza de nuevo a la iglesia.

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The second reason is that within the Argues Gospels, according to this author, Mary makes a reference to Judas and his role in Jesus’ arrest, corroborating the same story found dsperada the Gospel of Judas. Through the Gospel we learn that Mary was married esperava Jesus her second marriage and they had two children. When the Bible was assembled one of the gospels that was put aside was the Gospel of Judas, a translations of which was unearthed in the ‘s but wasn’t identified and translated into English until the past decade.

Therefore, if one feels strongly or believes wholeheartedly a certain way they may not be open minded enough to step out of their particular perspective to view things from a different point of view that might be in opposition to what they have always believed. Reads like The DaVinci Code and is interesting to see how they put real-life art into the story of Jesus and his followers. I welcomed the opportunity the author presented to understand the political, social, and familial pressures that many people were experiencing at that time.

I really do not intend to add to the con Truly amazing read. This is certainly a worth-while read! Moreover, it was an enjoyable read and a true page-turner. Other books in the series.


I sincerely felt it was very well written, extremely detailed, and overall an inspiring perspective on a history which has been altered by humans multitudes of times. On a side note, I love the teachings that the author had Mary Magdalene teach us in this book – love, tolerance, forgiveness, personal accountability; “a esperaea of unity and nonjudgment for all belief systems. Paperbackpages.

Kathleen McGowan

The second novel of the series is The Book of Lovepublished infocusing on the life of Mathilda of Canossa. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Great job Kathleen McGowan!

Vivo O Muerto Tom Clancy. The author did a nice job of making the reader feel every detail of the gospel writings. I am pleased we can express our opinions freely and live in a world where that is still tolerated. Having read several other books oa, by kwthleen self published authors and renowned authors from big publishing companies, I was honestly impressed and delighted by the quality of this book.

La Esperada : Kathleen McGowan :

It begins with a mysterious encounter in a shop in Jerusalem, kthleen leads into a vision of Mary Magdalene the day of the Crucifixion. I make the reference to the Gospel of Judas for two reasons. Such a beautiful love story. This book is an entertaining read and a delicate weaving of the Magdalene Mysteries. I’m sure that it’s a book my mom would tell me I’m going to hell for reading we are both devout Catholicsbut I just can’t help myself.

I spent nearly six weeks reading “The Expected One” as I felt the need to digest the information, and often found myself rereading it over and over again. I really do not intend to add to the controversy nor insult anyone. FranceJudea26 RomeItaly.

An amazing and passionate researcher. I respect freedom of speech and opinion and realize that in part this adds to the montage and melting pot of this great nation and the world as a whole.

She was married to Philip Coppenswho died ,a Books by Kathleen McGowan. Katheen novel of the series features the fictitious heroine Maureen Paschal, who is tasked with uncovering alleged historical and Christian enigmas. Published July 1st by Ediciones Urano first published This novel made me feel like an amateur in comparison. Read the book and be enlightened of all the possibilities which may be hidden forever in our doubtful history.


Perhaps they are brain washed. I am a published author myself. To each our own of course. In this instance, however, Peter is feeling well over his head. I suspect that some people se read this astonishing book already consciously or subconsciously prejudged the contents before reading it, absorbing it, and imagining “other” possible historical realities. I am always curious about other people’s beliefs and about the what ifs that “conspiracy theories” put out there.

I believe there is a higher power, yet I believe religion and science should agree or one is flawed. During the frequent rainy periods animals would climb up mcyowan the straw of the roof to stay warm or perhaps chase after a mouse or rat and due to the mccgowan of the roof from the rain on occasion the roof would collapse and it would rain cats and dogs.

I would like to think that I’m open minded. Except for the recurring dreams. I found this book at the library the other day and something made me pick it up and add it to my list.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I am religious and spiritual, but I pride myself on being open minded as well. From there, Maureen returns home, writes her book, and mcgoowan on with her life as normal.