LHBP – BUDAPEST LISZT FERENC INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT plates LHBP INSTRUMENT APPROACH CHART – ICAO ILS OR LOC RWY 31R. Charts, abbreviated plain language text; English, Hungarian. 7, Charts .. See TWY segments on Chart ADLHBP PDC-1 and PDC In. LHBP — BUDAPEST LISZT FERENC INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT .. See TWY segments on Chart ADLHBP PDC-1 and PDC In.

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The AOO service records the most important specifics of engine tests chargs. Engine power tests for aircraft larger than ICAO Code C may be performed at the location and with the conditions described in section 5. Aircraft operators must act circumspectly regarding noise burdens arising from the use of auxiliary power units Chqrtsin order to protect the area surrounding the airport:. Direction and distance from city. The duty airside manager will advise the ATS units concerned about the prevailing conditions of the runways and other parts of the movement area.

In case of runway direction 13 Training flights may not be authorised for RWY Pilots of arriving and departing aircraft are requested to report receipt of ATIS broadcast by reading back the relevant designator of information and QNH on initial contact with Budapest Approach or Budapest Ground lhbo.

AIP for HUNGARY (section ADLHBP) valid from 22 JUN

On the stands of the Terminal 1 apron, with no exception of stands; Lhnp the stands of the Terminal 2 apron, with no exception of stands; On the AA, AG, AL apron section, on the marked taxi lane, at the starting position marked at the apron exit point. When the aircraft is 12 M from the stop position, the closing rate indicating the remaining distance to the stop position is indicated by turning off one row per half metre.


Parking on the stands shall be carried out following the ground staff’s visual signals; docking to aviobridges shall be made according to the signals of the SAFEDOCK T system.

In addition, optional waypoints have been defined along the procedure path i. At the stand, taxi clearance to the designated holding point of the runway will be given by Budapest Ground. hlbp

Watch the yellow centre line indicator, the flashing arrow indicates the correct azimuth guidance. In addition, optional waypoints have been defined along the procedure path i. Chart shall be carried out as instructed by Budapest Ground and on the apron, as guided by the Marshaller. ATC will operate the changeover as close as possible from the indicated time, taking into account the traffic conditions.

The selection of the location and the time for the activity is dependent on chargs size category of the aircraft and the power of the engine test.

During the approach, carts will be informed of:. The disconnected ground staff will give approval to commence taxiing. Engine start-up during the push- back procedure is allowed in idle power only. Exception The restrictions listed in 1. In special circumstances the Budapest Apron Management Service will provide the Marshaller for start-up and push- back procedures. When low visibility procedures are chatts force, the same holding points shall be used.


These waypoints are available in the navigation database of the aircraft. The noise abatement behaviour expected of aircraft pilots during arrivals is as follows:.

Proceed direct to LHBP

The towing bar for the given aircraft type shall be provided by the carrier or by the handling company. PAPI 3 19 M.

The appropriate brake blocks must be provided for engine tests, and the presence of the hand-held fire extinguishers must be checked at the site. Exemption from this requirement may be granted by the appropriate ATC unit. For operational use of radar, See ENR 1.

LHBP – Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport | SkyVector

The noise certificate must be sent in advance by email or by fax to:. The aim of noise abatement procedures is to mitigate the impact of noise generated by aircraft at the airport and on the residential areas affected by landing and take-off procedures.

The turn to final approach is usually performed by T-bar based procedure or by giving the appropriate waypoint to be followed to expedite traffic handling and for separation reasons. In case of no ground-cockpit connection, Budapest Ground shall be advised so chatts Marshaller assistance can be provided to control the procedure. Only the towing of the aircraft is allowed between the stand and breakaway point. When requesting consent, the following information shall be provided to the AOCC:.